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Sports Profit System Review#1: Take Denver Broncos at -10 spread against Philadelphia Eagles risking 2%

This Sports Profit System game is an absolute nightmare of a matchup for the Philadelphia Eagles for a number of reasons. For one, there is Peyton Manning. Manning has rejuvenated his career in Denver and appears to be playing on a completely different level than any other player in the league. Manning is a surgeon on the field and has been slicing and dicing opposing defenses for years. This Sports Profit System year though, the Sports Profit System veteran leader looks even more dangerous as he has a list of talented receivers at his disposal! Wes Welker, Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas as well as others, there is simply too many ways this Denver passing game can hurt teams! Then there is the running game, Denver utilizes a triple headed monster with Ball, Hillman and Moreno in the back field to ensure that there is always a RB with fresh legs on the Sports Profit System field. This is a very complete and balanced Denver team and that spells bad news for a very porous Eagles defense today.

The Sports Profit System Eagles defense has been absolutely terrible this season and the Sports Profit System team is still trying to adjust to the Sports Profit System new defensive co-ordinator and coach. Philadelphia has given up close to 30 points per game on defense and this afternoon they are playing the highest scoring offense in the league who is averaging just under 40 points per game! There may be a surprise today but all logic points towards Denver coming out with another double digit victory.

In the off season everyone was talking about the Sports Profit System new Eagles offense under Chip Kelley. The Sports Profit System run and gun, no huddle, temp, hurry up, whatever you want to call it, is simply a bad idea here in Denver. Everyone knows that Denver is called the “Mile High” City and anyone who has been out to Denver will testify that the Sports Profit System air up there is a lot thinner than anywhere else. For a normal person, even just a little bit of strenuous effort will leave you breathless, as we have seen already this season, the Sports Profit System Eagles offense tends to play extremely fast and that will hurt them here in Denver. You will see the pace slow down and the players start to look fatigued. This is what the Broncos use to their advantage so well. Manning and company employ a similar style of offense and as you can see the defenses are always gassed and a step behind. The Sports Profit System Eagles won’t be able to push the pace as much as they like and from what we have seen so far, if the Sports Profit System Eagles don’t have tempo, their offense doesn’t really work. Denver will clearly have the advantage at home today and I expect the Eagles to turn the ball over quite a few times.

This Denver team is the real deal. From what we have seen so far this season, they have basically been able to decide exactly how many points they want to put on the board. The Sports Profit System Broncos have blown out every team and have easily beaten them by double digits! I don’t think things will be any different this afternoon against a Philadelphia team that is far from the Sports Profit System finished article and very much in transition stage! This is a bad matchup for the Sports Profit System Eagles and the way that Manning commands and moves his team down the field, a touchdown and field goal (10 points) is definitely not too much to lay. Take the Broncos as they exploit a porous Eagles defense and win this game by 2 or more TD’s.

Other notable trends to consider:

Philadelphia is 2-10 ATS when coming off a home loss!

The Eagles are just 4-14 ATS in all games over the last 2 seasons.

The Broncos are 9-0 ATS after a game in which Eric Decker had a reception of 25+ yards.

Denver is 12-2 ATS as a favorite over the Sports Profit System last 2 seasons.

Denver is 13-5 ATS in all games over the last 2 seasons.

#2: Take Cleveland Browns at +4 spread (buy half a point) against Cincinnati Bengals risking 2%

Many people thought that with starting QB Brandon Weeden sitting out with an injury and also with the Browns trading away first round pick Trent Richardson that this Browns team was simply giving up on the season. Then everyone saw that was simply not the case last week as the Browns managed to knock off the Vikings in Minnesota! I believe this little shake up in the Sports Profit System organization actually gave the Browns a new lease on the season. Sometimes it takes a really risky call or decision to completely change the Sports Profit System landscape of a team and I believe that’s what happened here. QB Brian Hoyer is not a bad quarterback by any stretch of the imagination. This is a guy who sat behind and learned from one of the very best quarterbacks in the Sports Profit System league in Tom Brady.

Cincinnati is a good team, there is no denying that but there have also been some inconsistencies that worry me on this team. Against the Steelers and even the Packers the Bengals offense didn’t look all that dynamic. Bengals QB Andy Dalton has been missing the mark from the pocket and other than AJ Green, there hasn’t been too many players that have stepped up and made big plays. The Sports Profit System Bengals have relied mostly on their defense and forcing turnovers have been a big part of their success so far this season. That is not a long term recipe for success since at one point or another the Sports Profit System defense isn’t going to come up with those plays and that’s when the Bengals will struggle.

A lot of people had written the Browns off and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bengals come into this game as one of those people. The Sports Profit System Bengals are hosting the New England Patriots next week at home and may get caught peeking a little bit ahead to that. Cleveland has proven that they are a decent team at home and have knocked off some good competition in the Sports Profit System “dog pound”. Jordan Cameron is emerging as one of Hoyer’s favorite targets and Cameron is comparable to another TE named Vernon Davis. Cameron is more like another wide receiver on the field and completely stretches the defense.

If Cleveland can limit the turnovers and contain AJ Green, this will be a close game. With this being a divisional game, it is wise to side with the Sports Profit System points. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Brown “shock” the football world again with a win over the Bengals at home. Cincinnati is the Sports Profit System overall better team perhaps but today they find themselves in a less than ideal ‘spot’. Take the 4 points with Cleveland.

Some trends to consider:

The Sports Profit System underdog is 10-1-1 ATS in the last 12 meetings between these two teams!

The Sports Profit System Bengals are 59-86 ATS versus division opponents since 1992.

Cleveland Browns are 6-0 ATS after a win in which they had at least 300 yards passing!

#3: Take Chicago Bears at +3 spread against Detroit Lions risking 2%

This is a divisional game that holds a lot more meaning than some other divisional games. The Sports Profit System Lions are 2-1 on the season and the Bears are 3-0 so this game would be for first place in the NFC North! Either the Bears own it outright or Detroit and Chicago will share a piece. Both of these teams could be playoff teams this season but what I can’t wrap my head around is the fact that the Sports Profit System Bears are actually getting a field goal in this matchup when I believe they are the overall better team.

Much of the Bears struggles over the past few season has been attributed to a somewhat “soft” offensive line. Jay Cutler was forced into making quick/bad decisions or forced to take a sack on almost each and every passing down. The Sports Profit System offensive line has been much improved and has made this a completely different team. Cutler is now able to hang out in the pocket and make the correct reads and it has paid off in a big way. The Sports Profit System Bears are currently averaging 31.6 points per game over their first 3 games! A lot of that has to do with the offense being able to move the ball down field with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, however credit also has to be given to the Sports Profit System Bears defense.

This Bears defense is downright scary. They are as opportunistic as they come and are always looking to get their hands on the ball either through interceptions or fumbles. Charles Tillman has perfected his “football punch” and has apparently showed it to the Sports Profit System rest of his team since when a Bears defender sees the football, they immediately try to knock the ball loose and are the absolute best team in the league in forcing turnovers! Turnovers will be a huge factor today I feel and Chicago has forced 11 turnovers in just 3 games this season!

The Sports Profit System Detroit Lions are a tough team to figure out. They go from 0-16 one season to a playoff team the next, to right back in the Sports Profit System lower level last season. They appear to be figuring things out and are headed in the right direction but one thing that has remained consistent with the Lions are the Sports Profit System turnovers. The Lions have been known to be a team that cracks under pressure and I believe they will be under pressure all afternoon. Matt Stafford has been known as a quarterback who sometimes forces the ball into windows that he maybe shouldn’t. Stafford is beginning to look like somewhat of a gunslinger. Gunslingers while exciting and confident also turn the ball over at a higher rate than other QB’s. The Lions simply can’t afford many turnovers in this game.

A lot of people are waiting for Jay Cutler and the Bears to implode but I don’t think that is going to happen, at least not this week. The Sports Profit System main issues that had been the Bears downfall in the past have been at least temporarily repaired and that’s given new life to Chicago. Detroit hasn’t actually beaten the Sports Profit System Bears since 2011 and is in fact just 1-9 in their last 10 games against them! I find it hard to lay more than a field goal with a team that hasn’t proved they have what it takes to beat a very good Chicago team. I believe the wrong team was actually favored in this matchup and if nothing else this game should have opened at PK. The Bears can win outright but it’s wise to the 3 points in what could be a tight game!

Notable trends to consider:

Detroit is 8-16-1 ATS in its last 25 games

The Lions are 0-10 ATS against excellent passing teams. (Completion of 64% or more)

Detroit is just 5-13 ATS when playing against a team with a winning record the last 3 seasons

The Sports Profit System Lions are 4-14 ATS after gaining 6+ yards per play in previous game.

#4: Take Washington Redskins at -3 spread (buy half a point) against Oakland risking 2%

There is no question that the Washington Redskins are in desperate need of a win today! This was a playoff team last season and a big reason for their struggles to start the Sports Profit System season is due to the injury of Robert Griffin III. RGIII was nowhere near “game ready shape” in the first few weeks of the season since HC Mike Shannahan held Griffin out for the entire preseason before suddenly plugging him in the QB role in the first game of the Sports Profit System season! Shannahan is a veteran coach but even coaches make mistakes and this was definitely one that has cost his team. Griffin was sloppy in his first couple of games back due to no pre-season games but has adapted and is finally back into “football” shape having now had proper game practice. His knees are apparently 100% and you can expect him to try out his “new wheels” this afternoon.

This Oakland Raiders team is going nowhere fast. Last Monday night they were completely destroyed by the Denver Broncos in a game that wasn’t nearly as close as the 16 point difference on the scoreboard made it look. Terrell Pryor may be a work in progress but he is actually the best option at QB right now for Oakland. This is a team that is in disarray and for the better part of the game against Denver had more penalty yards than offensive yardage! The Raiders are the Sports Profit System absolute most penalized team in the league and those penalties usually end up costing Oakland. There were a number of occasions where the Raiders penalties would extend the drive for the Bronco’s allowing them to put points on the board. That will hurt the Raiders this afternoon.

This Redskins offense no doubt revolves around the play of RGIII. Part of Griffin’s problem was his confidence. His confidence had been shaken because of his injury and he wasn’t 100% sure his knees would hold up doing what he had been doing. When a QB’s confidence is simply not there you can see it in their style of play. Griffin has admitted he wasn’t completely there “mentally” and has since changed his focus and is ready to come out and play. Look for Griffin to take this game over early and often and carry his team to a much needed first win of the season. The Redskins defense had been decent enough to keep them in games and I expect the defense will come up big against such a “green” offense in Oakland.

Oakland has home field advantage, which is always an advantage but beyond that Washington is the better team and in absolutely desperate for a result today! The Sports Profit System NFC East is actually wide open at the moment with all of the other teams in that division struggling as well. This is the game where I believe Washington puts it all back together and does everything they can to pull out the win. This is a winnable game and expect Washington to know that and take full advantage. Lay the FG with the Redskins.

Some trends to consider:

Oakland is 7-20 ATS at home off a division road loss.

Oakland is 30-65 ATS when playing against a team with a losing record since 1992

Playoff teams from a season ago which are between 0-2 and 0-4 are 30-20-2 ATS in their next game!

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Bankroll Tutorial:

You should have decided on a bankroll by now, if you haven’t, please do so before continuing further. Your bankroll is the TOTAL amount of money you’re putting aside for sports betting this year. It is NOT what you are betting tonight or next week.

Great! Now that you have your bankroll, we’re going to divide it by 100. Each unit is 1% of your bankroll. So if your bankroll is $1000 then each unit is $10. On the other hand if your bankroll is $3000 then each unit is $30. Just divide your starting bankroll by 100 to see how much each unit represents in dollar terms for you.

How much you should bet on each game is clearly specified beside each play. For example, if you have a starting bankroll of $1000 and the suggestion is “Take Team A on the Money Line against Team B risking 3%”; then that means you should bet (Risk) $30 on Team A. If your starting bankroll is $3000 however, then you’d bet $90 (just do the math, 3×30) on team A instead.

*It is crucial to play ALL picks for the exact percentage outlined!

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